This client’s sales associates were doing a great job of creating their sales forecasts well in advance of planned activity. But they didn’t always do a great job of updating those forecasts as circumstances changed leading up to the planned activity.

Our objective was to create an eLearning experience that would both remind sales associates of the importance of updating their forecasts, as well as develop some core skills in what to look for and how to react. It’s not the most inherently interesting subject matter, but we were challenged once again to take a creative approach to delivering this content.

Besides sales, what do we forecast? Weather, of course! We landed on a “Storm Trackers” thematic in which the learner assumes the role of a new member of a storm tracking team. The team is responsible for creating forecasts based on historical data and trends, but they must also spot and respond to incoming storms that will change their forecasts.

Throughout the eLearning, the weather metaphor blends seamlessly with the knowledge and skills the learner needs to react to intangible events in the sales field and adjust their sales forecasts appropriately. As they go through the course’s three increasingly complex scenarios, the learners are truly engaged with the narrative and apply critical thinking skills to make decisions all the way up to the arrival of the “storms” themselves.

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe After Effects / Articulate Storyline 2

Project Elements

eLearning / Gamification / Photography / Graphic Design

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