The client was seeking a better way to help their managers think of organizational capabilities more holistically and retain top talent.

To address the business challenge, we used a storytelling approach to create an immersive learner experience in order to demonstrate how to be a leader who can build great leaders, and develop talents in the context of a team.

Using a combination of multi-media videos produced in Nawmal and functional capabilities in Articulate Storyline, the learner follows the story of James and Candace, two intermediate-level managers whose boss, Scott, has assigned them a “critical learning experience.”

Each objective within this eLearning starts with a different thought-provoking, highly-engaging, and compelling fictional story, which is intended to depict an exaggerated version of a scenario the learner could encounter on the job.

As the learner navigates through the course they’ll see Scott offering guidance, encouragement and support, and can observe how James and Candace research, plan, and prepare for the obstacles in front of them.

Learners are then able to apply what they have learned through interactive elements in scenario-based activities.

At the conclusion of the eLearning, the learner sees what the characters, James and Candace have accomplished, the challenges they have over-come, and how their efforts improved their teams’ performance, becoming the top-performing group in their Region.

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effects / Nawmal / Articulate Storyline 2

Project Elements

eLearning / Motion Graphics / 3D Animation

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