With a growing learning curriculum and limited classroom time, our client needed to convert an instructor-led course about financial literacy into microlearnings. This particular course, The Bottom Line, was known for its engaging instructor, which our client wanted to ensure we recreated and somehow infused into the eLearning format. With the objective to craft an interesting learning experience out of what could easily be considered rather dry, boring content, we produced a 3-part microlearning series that featured an engaging video host as our virtual instructor.

We modeled the series thematic around the popular educational YouTube channel, “Crash Course,” which presents information through the audiovisual of an entertaining emcee. Similarly, The Bottom Line host delivered interesting, content displayed on screen through motion graphics and on-camera props. This style and approach transformed the traditional instructor-led and/or textbook model to a more fast-paced entertainment style through video embedded into the eLearning to enhance the learning experience. At certain points during the training, the camera would also “flip” as our host appears as a student character as well. Through this playful yet focused interaction, our host helped learners put together all the pieces needed to gain a foundational understanding of key financial concepts and how they apply on the job.

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe After Effects / Articulate Storyline 2

Project Elements

eLearning / Interactive Video / Microlearning / Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

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