As part of a greater learning curriculum, our client requested an eLearning solution to train sales associates on the best practices for deriving persuasive and actionable insights from various sources of data to leverage in sales conversations with customers. Due to the complexity and volume of the content, there was also a need for the solution to be creative and constantly engage the learner.

Infinitude’s solution was the award-winning, three-part eLearning series Man vs. Insights. The theme of the eLearnings, inspired by the television series Man vs. Wild, is wilderness survival, evoking the urgency and adventurousness also experienced in the sales field. The learner joins the host, Grizzly Weber, in a wintry mountain range where they must survive (identify and utilize sales insights) on the way to reaching their extraction point (being equipped to use those approaches on their own).

In addition to the learning objectives in each part, there’s a different survival goal Grizzly and the learner are working toward. Each task costs energy, which they earn by learning new information and answering questions correctly (being efficient with their time and attention) but lose by answering incorrectly (wasting time with things that won’t be helpful in the field). By the end of each part, the energy they have (or the associate they’re helping has) by the end determines how well they complete their task: three stars means sleeping comfortably, floating dry, or getting the lost associate back in good health, while one star means being cold, wet, or just barely getting the associate back, exhausted.

Technology Used

Abobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effects / Articulate Storyline 2

Project Elements

eLearning / Motion Graphics / Gamification

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