Verizon needed a series of print guides their users could reference to get started with their updated contact management tool and push-to-talk app for smartphones and feature phones.

Verizon wanted something more attractive and engaging than paragraphs of text instructions with screenshots. Infinitude’s solution was to create colorfully illustrated short narratives that each follow a character who is, themselves, getting started with the application. This makes a use case for key features while also explaining how they work, along with tips for how to get the most out of the application.

The layout is designed according to Verizon’s brand standards, and the stylized illustrations are modeled after existing promotional materials, giving the guides a look and feel that evoke the brand,

The guides for the phone app are short and simple, taking up only a single sheet of paper, front and back.

Because the contact management tool guides are targeted toward advanced users, they’re a little longer but still maintain the spirit of the others by featuring colorful illustrations, a visual table of contents for quick reference, and not too many words per page, making for a quick and easy read.


Verizon Wireless

Technology Used

Adobe Illustrator

Project Elements

Microlearning / Performance Support / Graphic Design

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