2017 – Best Use of Performance Support (Bronze Award)

To help our client overcome challenges with increasing competition and a shifting market landscape, we created a scalable, efficient, and easy-to-understand “training in a box” solution that minimized downtime and enabled district sales leaders (DSLs), who are generally not experienced trainers or facilitators, to launch a facilitator-led sales training roadshow complete with performance support.

This multi-faceted learning solution included two virtual training hosts who delivered the major training segments and prompted the DSLs to facilitate live, in-person discussions. Facilitator and participant guides provided additional direction discussions and team engagements after each video section. A performance support portal provided learners access to all the content in focused mini-video modules, giving them the freedom to choose what they wanted to review and when at any time after training, while on the job, at home, or out in the field between sales calls.


Farmer Brothers


Sales Training the Farmer Brothers Way

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